About Us

JyngoTech was started in 2012 as a general electronic repair company, but it has changed a lot since then. Our founding members have integrated some of their hobbies into the business itself. We offer computer repair, consultations, and we also sell custom built PC’s with a 2 year hardware warranty. We have a location in Raymondville and Edinburg, Texas, however our locations hours very during this season, so feel free to call ahead or submit a repair form and we will respond to you within 5 hours. If you dont feel comfortable making a phone call you’re welcome to text our phone number aswell!


Our primary goal is ensuring customer satisfaction. To obtain this goal our prices for repair services are kept very low, with most maintenance or malware jobs being less than 20$. A full price list can be found in the services tab. We don’t usually repair computers from outside of the Rio Grande Valley, however we will so long that the customer covers shipping.